Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is a photo of an amazing new place that recently opened in Capitol Hill called Rockbox. It's a karaoke bar with private rooms! This is the perfect venue for people like me who are too shy to sing in front of strangers. If, like me, you feel shy with strangers but hammy with your pals, this is the place for you!

Other great things about it: the food is great--affordable but gourmet; the drinks--same; and the prices are totally reasonable. It's $4 per person per hour during happy hour (and all day on Sunday) and $7 per person per hour the rest of the time. If there are only 2 of you, you get a tiny room. The first time, Guy and I went together. Then we went again and took my mom. Both times were MEGA-FUN.

Oh, also, the rooms are clean and swanky, with lots of wood. The server comes by enough to keep the drinks and food coming, then closes the door! Five stars!


  1. Oh it looks so clean and pretty. I envy the cleanness - sometimes, Philly is not clean. Sigh ... yes, I confess that Filthadelphia rumor is true.

    When I become Ruler of the World though, Philly will be CLEAN. Any filthmongers will be executed. On first offense ;-D

  2. Well, not everything in Seattle is clean! This place is brand'll probably get dirty soon. :D