Sunday, September 4, 2011

English Sausage Dinner

Guy got inspired to make sausage rolls after a big platter of them appeared at the pub in the plotline of one of his TV shows from the seventies about life in the English countryside.

They turned out great! We used frozen puff pastry from the supermarket so it was easy to prepare. To go with it, I made brussels sprouts in garlic butter (I was trying to think of something English) and Dee's Corn & Tomato Salad from The Joy of Cooking.

For dessert, we had Spotted Dick boiled in a can! It's a moist steamed cake, sort of like a coffee cake.


  1. Have you ever had clotted cream with lemon curd and cherry-almond scones. Ohhhhh! My toes curl to think of it. One of my English professors treated me to that dessert and I have never forgotten it.

    Clotted cream, lemon curd, and scones aside - no, never, still munching away blissfully - I can't say that I usually consider English food something to seek out. However, I wouldn't mind trying those sausage rolls and the Spotted Dick (keeping a straight face). Fish and chips seems close enough to American fried fish and "French" fries so I might try that.

    I think has some of those treats ... I recall seeing the S.D. in the Heinz brand can before. Thanks for the reminder/suggestion. Your food photos tempt me ...

  2. Hey, you're blogging again! Looks good.

    How was the spotted dick? I've never tried it. Reminds me of Adrian Mole school dinners.

  3. Sorry about the late reply! :)

    The Spotted Dick is really good. I recommend it! It's sort of like a little moist cake.