Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Late to the Party Again

I finally got around to watching the 2009 Michael Jackson movie, This Is It. It was pretty great. It made me think about how he really was a musical genius, and how crazy it was that at 50, he was still just as skinny as ever and could still totally do dance moves that shouldn't even be humanly possible.

He also comes across as really nice, gentle, and humble--which is funny considering that this is the same person who spontaneously accepted the fictional "Best Performer In the Universe" award and made videos featuring giant statues of himself. I guess we'll never quite figure him out.


  1. Ack! Still haven't gotten to this yet. So I am even later. Shrug. Well, better late than to miss it, I'll say. (And write ... never shy online.)

    Happy Holidays, Happy Festivus. And may you and yours have a Happy New Year.

    Capitals to stress the fervency of the wish ;-D

  2. We need a new blog Mrs Beebo!