Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beebo Shares 2 Controversial Opinions and One Not So Controversial

Artyom Savelyev: Russia May Freeze All Child Adoptions By U.S. Families After Tennessee Woman Sends Boy Back

MOSCOW — Russia threatened to suspend all child adoptions by U.S. families Friday after a 7-year-old boy adopted by a woman from Tennessee was sent alone on a one-way flight back to Moscow with a note saying he was violent and had severe psychological problems.
The boy, Artyom Savelyev, was put on a plane by his adopted grandmother, Nancy Hansen of Shelbyville.
"He drew a picture of our house burning down and he'll tell anybody that he's going to burn our house down with us in it," she told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "It got to be where you feared for your safety. It was terrible."

Beebo says: As sad as this story is, I can sympathize with wanting to un-adopt a severely damaged child, especially if you didn't know that's what you were getting into.

Kennedy cousin loses appeal in murder conviction
AP – Mon Apr 12, 7:10 pm ET
AP NEW HAVEN, Conn. - The state Supreme Court on Monday rejected Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel's bid for a new trial in the 1975 killing of his 15-year-old neighbor, ruling that a claim implicating two other men, including a large black man, was not credible.

Beebo says: Good! He is soooo guilty.

Inquest begins in Mass. shooting by Ala. professor
By DENISE LAVOIE, AP Legal Affairs Writer
QUINCY, Mass. – One of the first officers on the scene after Amy Bishop fatally shot her teenage brother in 1986 still believes "in my own heart" that it was an accident, he said Tuesday, even knowing now that the woman is charged with killing three colleagues at an Alabama university.

Beebo says: She...is...a WACKADOODLE.


  1. That first one sounds like the movie 'Orphan' (I assume, since I haven't seen it). I wonder how true it is, though?

  2. Well, I do feel bad for the kid...But I read somewhere a while back about how lots of Russian babies who get put up for adoption have serious psychological disabilities caused by fetal alcohol syndrome and mothers who had drug addictions.

    I think the agency might have hidden that from the adoptive parents.

    I dunno, I haven't read a whole lot about it, but that was my impression. The guy at the Russian agency mocked the idea that anyone could be scared of a 7-year-old...but I think a brain-damaged 7-year-old COULD be scary! If the parents had no idea going into it that the kid would have these serious problems, I can see how you might feel panicked and overwhelmed.

  3. Yes, but did you know that they just put him on a plane to Russia with a note? They arranged for an escort to pick him up at the airport but didn't deal with the agency directly. That is very, very sucky behavior. Even psychotic 7-year-olds deserve better than that.

  4. Yeah, I know. The child definitely deserves better than that! Any child does. It's awful.

    But I wonder if they *tried* to contact the agency, and maybe the agency ignored and avoided them. It's horrible for that to happen to the child, but I can see how you might feel so overwhelmed that you would do something like that if you were dealing with a sketchy agency. It's not right, but I can understand it, I think.

    Well, I know it's a controversial opinion! ;)

  5. Is the photo is from Village of the Damned movie? Neat and clever choice, LOL.

    I'm surprised that no American officials were not involved in returning the child to his original country.

    (And if ANY kid told me that he was burning down my house, that kid would promptly be returned - with an escort to make sure he didn't double back to execute his threat. I wouldn't have trusted him to stay gone. ;-P)

  6. BTW, Orphan has a twist end/discovery that takes it out of the usual bad seed/child line-up. Creepy but good, I thought.

  7. Heh, yeah, it's Village of the Damned. ;)

    Thanks for reminding me about Orphan, Dana! I've been meaning to rent that one for a while. I keep forgetting, but it looks very creepy.