Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Volcano Lightning

Yes, volcano lightning.

I honestly didn't think any weather could ever out-cool the thundersnow that we experienced a few winters ago in Seattle. That's right: thundersnow. That's got to be the coolest weather ever, right?

At least I thought so until today when I read about volcano lightning.

As if that isn't awesome enough, the actual volcano is named Eyjafjallajokull. Amazing! (If you are one those sad mofos who has been stuck at Kennedy airport for days--or elsewhere--I'm sure you are so over it, and I can't blame you.) Anyway, from Yahoo news:

The Eyjafjallajokull (ay-yah-FYAH-lah-yer-kuhl) volcano continues to produce spectacular visual effects. Photographers have captured images of lightning, seemingly erupting directly from the volcano. The bolts may look like Hollywood special effects, but they're very much the real deal. But as LiveScience reports, they're also still a "bit of a mystery."

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