Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chez Paris

One thing I really like about Paris Hilton is her extreme narcissism, as well as her total lack of self-consciousness about it. She plasters her own face all over the place, like on the couch cushions in her living-room, and on her own clothes, on her accessories. She decorates her home with gigantic photos of herself, including nude portraits. Who does that?? Paris does, and she's totally unapologetic about it too.

I also love the fact that she has a pink car, a huge Barbie doll collection, and that she wears SIZE ELEVEN SHOES.


  1. I like how Access Hollywood refers to her nude photos with all of the naughty bits strategically covered as "X-rated."

  2. Good point! That is lame of them.

    It's unnecessary for them to exaggerate for effect...Paris is strange enough all on her own! :D