Monday, April 5, 2010

Beef Jerky Criminal

For some reason, I've been intrigued by the concept of beef jerky lately. So naturally this news item caught my attention. George definitely lives by the motto "go big or go home"--in more ways than one:

"A 43-stone man found guilty of scamming restaurants out of food has escaped a jail term - because he is too fat.

"Morbidly obese George Jolicur ordered huge meals and ate most of them before complaining about the products and sending them back. He would then refuse to pay.

"In one episode he scammed five free milkshakes from a restaurant after consuming an entire drink before complaining that the milk was off.

"Jolicur, 38, was finally caught after eating almost £30 worth of jerky in a restaurant before returning the last few pieces, claiming they were mouldy. The shop owner went to police.

"When officers went to his home to arrest him, they described hearing 'what sounded like a male trying to cover his voice as a female.'

"The person told police Jolicur was not there - but policeman Jeff Sabounji then heard a woman inside the house saying: 'George, just turn yourself in.'

"On the way to prison, Jolicur, of Sandford, Florida, turned to Sabounji and said: 'The beef jerky got me.'

"He avoided jail because he is so fat the medical costs of imprisoning him would be too great. He is now bedridden, breaths with the aid of a respirator, and could not even attend court to be sentenced. Prosecutors said it would cost thousands in medical fees just to bring him before a judge.

"They offered his lawyers a plea deal that in return for avoiding prison he would plead guilty to five charges. Lawyers for Jolicur accepted thedeal and he was fined £800. Prosecutor Kyan Ware said: 'He's got his prison cell. He's not getting out of that bed.'"

Art credit: 'Jerky George Jolicoeur' by Lauri Apple [food art]


  1. It's funny when British articles about America casually refer to things like 'stones' and people paying fines in pounds! £30 of beef jerky! Cheeky! I can't believed his housemate shopped him.

  2. And what kind of restaurant serves beef jerky, I'd like to know!!

  3. Heh, you're right! :D That is weird.