Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrity Sighting

My mom is the queen of celebrity sightings. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of television and movie personalities and she also worked in midtown Manhattan for many years. She would wander around on her lunch hour and see all kinds of people: actors, newscasters, writers, you name it. Also, she was a receptionist at an exclusive private school attended by the kids of many famous people. She has exchanged smiles with Sidney Poitier; cracked a joke that made Rick Moranis chuckle; chatted on the phone with Tracy Ullman. According to her, Dustin Hoffman was "obnoxious" and Tom Cruise "smelled bad and was weird."

Anyway, she was just in NYC on vacation and called me all excited about her latest celebrity sighting--Michael Moore!

See, when she's in Manhattan, she gets to stay in this great apartment that some rich friends of hers own (or maybe rent, I can't remember). These friends travel a lot and have homes in other places, so even if they aren't there, they let her stay in their upscale, centrally-located apartment free of charge. She knew Michael Moore lived in this building too, but she had never seen him until this last visit...when she ran into him in the elevator!

She immediately introduced herself and said she was a big fan and had seen all his movies (which is true) and she said he was really nice, gave her a big smile, and asked her where she was from (she's English). They chatted about London and then when the elevator got to his stop (the penthouse, natch), he said goodbye and thanked her again for her kind words. She was so excited to meet him that she had missed her stop and had to ride the elevator back down to the eighth floor.

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  1. Finally, after all these years, she was in the elevator at the right time!