Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monster High

This new line of dolls sounds very enticing!

I have a weakness for "cute monsters." This is a fairly new product launch; there aren't too many photos of the dolls online. Yet.

Here is the amusingly cold-blooded marketing pitch from Mattel:

"Mattel has unveiled a new franchise targeting tween and teen girls called Monster High. The new franchise brings together the hip teenage descendants of the world’s most famous monsters to brave the trials and tribulations of high school. The property delivers rich content and relatable storytelling via publishing, Web, animation and live-action theatrical entertainment and launches consumer products in notable categories including apparel and accessories, and toys.

"Grounded in a fun and humorous storyline, the frighteningly fashionable students at Monster High capture all the awkward moments that teens experience in their high school years, the powerful bonds of friendship and the challenges of fitting in – all delivered through a “monster” chic aesthetic and tone.

"Monster High reaches girls via a line-up of all-star products and partnerships enabling teens and tweens to discover the brand in their own way and engage with the Monster High characters and storyline through multiple points of entry."


  1. At first sight, I thought they were new My Scene dolls LOL. "Monster" as in big heads and scrawny bodies, hmmm?

    I agree that the marketing pitch is cold-blooded - classic Mattel-speak ;-) Is it scary how the pitch works anyway? (Sometimes ... I might pass on these ... dunno)

    Have you seen the new Twilight dolls and the ones to come?

    Curious regular reader, D

  2. Hi, Dana! I was hoping you might share an opinion about this post. :)

    They remind me of Bratz.

    I HAVE seen the Twilight dolls...they are pretty good, although waaaaaaaay too expensive!