Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homeopathic A&E

This is a hilarious skit from season three of That Mitchell and Webb Look. If you're familiar with homeopathic medicine, it's funnier. Guy wasn't as familiar as I am with that stuff, so I explained to him about how homeopathic medicine is usually like a tiny drop of essence in a big container of water. He was glad I explained that because there are a few jokes related to that idea in the skit.


  1. I LOVE this sketch! Mark found this one a while ago on youtube, and it's one of our favorites. I've been contemplating sending it to a friend who's been studying homeopathy but has a very good sense of humor.

  2. Heee hee, yeah. Season 3 is out on DVD now (in case you didn't know). I think if your friend has a good sense of humor, they will think it's's definitely funnier for people who have some knowledge of homeopathy.