Monday, June 14, 2010

Get Him to the Greek

One celebrity that I've had very little use for over the years is Sean Combs, aka Sean John, aka Puff Daddy, aka P. Diddy. I always thought of him as a no-talent poseur, and I never really understood why he was famous--his average looks? His sucky music? His overpriced clothes? His bad relationships with women? He just seemed to exert some kind of weird influence over people that I couldn't understand. In addition to his general popularity, he's also very popular with celebrities. I remember thinking, "Maybe he just throws really good parties??"

So I am surprised to report that Sean Combs is possibly the funniest actor in this very funny movie! He has a fairly big part too--it's much more than just a cameo.

Russell Brand and Jonah Hill are both very funny too. Despite the fact that Russell Brand's character is a self-centered, self-destructive, manipulative junkie, he also radiates a sweet childlike charm that makes you root for him anyway. Jonah Hill plays the only sane person in an increasingly insane situation. And Sean Combs plays a megalomaniacal record company executive who is the worst boss ever. It's worth seeing in the theater if you get a chance.

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  1. It was funny! p.s. your new layout is very soothing...