Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dubious Claims...

...made by the guy outside my office window right now who is hawking a "Chicago-style" restaurant:

1. "Everyone will be there!"

2. "The food is from Chicago."

3. "Chicago-style pizza, free fries with every order...This is how people in Chicago eat!"

And, my personal favorite:

"Only in Seattle can you find this authentic Chicago-style pizza!"


  1. What the...? You're right, DUBIOUS is the word!

  2. Side note: The pepperoni face on that photo I found kind of scares me. I just realized what it reminds me of--the "Scream" mask. :0

  3. But wasn't he an ironic 20-something hipster dude who was mocking this kind of advertising whilst participating in it? #4 has me convinced of that.

  4. Heh heh, well, I can totally see why you would think that. But he said a lot of *other* stuff too that didn't sound totally ridiculous, so maybe all the silly stuff isolated gave you that idea.

    I'm pretty sure he was sincere. He looked like a wholesome, mainstream black student, was wearing Husky gear, maybe the type of guy who'd be in a fraternity or something. He was also probably in the Business School, those kids tend to be serious and sincere. Not arty punks like we were! :P

    I'm sure he meant to say, "This is the only place in Seattle where you can find authentic Chicago-style pizza" but it came out wrong. He repeated almost everything else he said, but he didn't repeat that one, so I have a feeling he realized his error as soon as the words left his mouth.