Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainbow Malcontent

Guy managed to capture these photos of a rainbow yesterday in Lynnwood. It had been raining all day and then the sun suddenly came out and the rainbow appeared. My mom complained that the wires were "in the way" and also that even though we get a lot of rainbows in Washington, "we should get more." But, personally, I was happy to see something on Aurora besides gun shops and prostitutes.


  1. Aurora! i still think of that street from time to time. So sleazy. I think that's the only place I've seen confirmed streetwalkers.

  2. I mean confirmed by me, I guess, not some outside authority. I just mean there was no ambiguity.

  3. No, I know what you mean!

    Remember your idea for the Tour of Aurora, where you would drive some newcomer to Seattle ONLY along Aurora and then say, "Well, how did you like Seattle? Great, huh?" :D :D

    Have you been following the "bikini barista" stories in the news? We see the sexy espresso stands when visiting my mom in the burbs...they are weird!! They have suggestive names and once I saw a girl in lingerie serving some weirdo perv his espresso. I'm really fascinated with the whole thing.

  4. No, I hadn't heard about those. Interesting. Seems like they're creeping closer to the Starbucks of the future as imagined in Idiocracy, where you could get a handjob and other acts performed! That seemed like one of the *less* likely parts of the movie!!

    And yeah, I remember that tour idea! I thought of it because at the time Seattle was so "hot," but there were so many parts of it that were still sooooo ugly and seedy.

  5. It's CRAZY. I'll do a post about it now, so you can read about it...It IS totally so close to the Starbucks in Idiocracy.