Friday, October 16, 2009

Tree Pose

"The Tree pose, Vrikshasana, is a beautiful and classic yoga pose that gives one balance and flexibility. The Sanskrit name for this pose, Vrilshasana, comes from the Sanskrit word for tree –vrksa.

"To open the Tree pose you will stand in the Tadasana pose (standing straight up).

"Shift your weight slowly to your left foot while keeping the other foot planted firmly on the yoga mat.

"Bend your right knee slowly.

"Reach toward the ground using your right hand and grab your right ankle.

"Bring up your right foot and place the bottom of the right foot along the inner left thigh. Press your heel firmly into the inner thigh groin area. Your toes should be pointed to the floor. Remember to notice pelvis placement. Your pelvis should be right on top of your left foot.

"Lay your hand on top of your pelvis bone.

"Stretch so that your tailbone feels as if it is pulling toward the floor. While pressing with your right foot you should use the outer left leg as resistance.

"Place hands together and look at a fixed point.

"Keep pose for up to one minute.

"Repeat pose on other side.

"The Tree pose focuses on your thighs. It is great for people suffering from problems with their sciatica. The Tree pose will give strength to your thighs, calves, ankles, and spine.

"Other benefits of the Tree pose include balance. The Tree pose will allow you to increase your balance ability. It can also relieve pain in the feet caused by flat feet.

"Some beginners find that their foot tends to slide down their leg when they are in the Tree pose. This can easily be solved by placing a sticky mat between your foot and thigh. As you practice the pose over time your muscles will strengthen and you will no longer need the sticky pad. You may also feel unbalanced when you first begin this pose. To solve this problem you can balance against a wall.

"To vary the Tree pose you can reach to the ceiling with both arms. Making sure your arms are straight and parallel you can place your palms together. This motion is easily performed by raising your arms when they are already in Tree pose position.

"To challenge your balance you can do the Tree pose with your eyes closed."

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