Thursday, October 8, 2009

Harvey Girls

I got to work this morning, checked my email, read with horror a message from my bank alerting me to an overdraft, felt bad about that for a while, started idly thinking about Scrooge McDuck and Richie Rich and how financially lucky they were, and the next thing I knew, I was ordering this book online and feeling much better. Nothing like a little retail therapy to distract you from your money problems!

I enjoy the half-assed character development of these comics. Like "Here kid, read about Little Dot. She really loves dots!" or "Isn't Little Lotta funny? She's fat and loves to eat!" I don't know what Little Audrey's angle is yet. I guess I'll find out when I read the book.

Here's the product description from Amazon:
They're cute, they're clever, and they're obsessive! Some of Harvey Comics' biggest stars were three "little" girls with large dreams, enormous hearts and king-size laughs: Little Audrey, Little Dot, and Little Lotta. Audrey was a Paramount Pictures animated cartoon movie star, who became a major comic book headliner in 1948. Her comic book stories were filled with ingenuity and her spunky, proto-feminist antics rivaled those of her cartoon progenitor, Little Lulu. The strangely obsessive Little Dot has become a cult figure throughout the years. Her love of dots and her unique coterie of eccentric uncles and aunts became the basis for some of the funniest stories in comic book history. Last, but hardly least, is Little Lotta who defied the "big" girl stereotype with adventures showcasing an incredible strength that equaled her insatiable appetite. It's 480 pages - many in finely reproduced full color - of Harvey Girls gone wild! This comics collection features the very earliest stories, beginning in the 1950s and leading up into the classic period of the 1960s.


  1. I think Little Dot was an in-house knock-off of Audrey, in case they lost the rights or something like that. Along the way, they learned to give each character a weird fixation or character trait.

  2. Little Lulu was actually pretty cool. They have some compilation books in the children's room of our local library, and Lucy read them all this summer. She's really spunky and adventurous.

  3. Oh, that's neat that little girls are still enjoying those! I'll have to check out Little Lulu next.

    J. was saying those were supposed to be good too.

  4. By the way, I meant Little Lulu is spunky and adventurous, not Lucy, although she could be described that way, too. I'm not sure how many little girls have been reading the Little Lulu books, but Lucy sure did enjoy them!