Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spooky Moose Munch

Somebody at work sent me a package of this Spooky Moose Munch as a thank-you for the work I'd been doing for her. She can be quite demanding, but she is really appreciative too, which makes all the difference. And if you think you can buy my loyalty with a lousy two bags of chocolate popcorn...I'm not gonna lie, you totally can.

It's from a company called Harry & David. They have a lot of other cute Halloween treats on their website, so in the unlikely event that you owe anyone a Halloween gift, I recommend it.

Here's the product description:

Don't be afraid. We didn't change the recipe too much.

Special Halloween gift edition of our exclusive popcorn treat.
We start with crisp, fluffy popcorn, lightly glazed with buttery cashew-almond toffee.
Some of it is dipped in semi-sweet dark chocolate.
Drizzled with orange stringing.

1 comment:

  1. Umami! ;) That stuff is tasty! I'm looking forweird to enjoying more this weekend (i.e. starting at 5:25 pm today)...