Monday, August 3, 2009

Overrated / Underrated

I've been meaning to make a list like this for quite a while. Remember, this list is completely subjective objective, irrefutable fact, arrived at scientifically, and with absolutely no bias.

Overrated: Sun. Underrated: Rain.
Overrated: Thick-crust pizza. Underrated: Thin-crust pizza.
Overrated: Long hair. Underrated: Short hair.
Overrated: Justice. Underrated: Mercy.
Overrated: Natural. Underrated: Artificial.
Overrated: Tina Fey. Underrated: Anna Faris.
Overrated: Peacocks. Underrated: Pigeons.
Overrated: Ryan Seacrest (American Idol). Underrated: Chris Harrison (The Bachelor).
Overrated: "Star Wars." Underrated: "The Creation of the Humanoids."
Overrated: Cars. Underrated: Public transportation.
Overrated: Outer space. Underrated: Astrology.
Overrated: New York City. Underrated: Seattle.
Overrated: Houses. Underrated: Apartments.
Overrated: Tastefulness. Underrated: Trashiness.
Overrated: Talking it out. Underrated: Letting it go.
Overrated: "Sex & the City." Underrated: "Sex & the Single Girl."
Overrated: Labrador retrievers. Underrated: Mutts.
Overrated: "He's Just Not That Into You." Underrated: "Down With Love."
Overrated: "The Catcher In the Rye." Underrated: "The Sword In the Stone."
Overrated: Engagement rings. Underrated: Eloping.
Overrated: Showers. Underrated: Baths.
Overrated: Music. Underrated: Silence.
Overrated: Huck Finn. Underrated: Tom Sawyer.
Overrated: Youth. Underrated: Age.
Overrated: Cherry/strawberry flavored. Underrated: Lime/lemon flavored.
Overrated: Celebrity. Underrated: Obscurity.
Overrated: Logic. Underrated: Intuition.
Overrated: Knowing. Underrated: Not knowing.
Overrated: Horses. Underrated: Squirrels.
Overrated: Summer. Underrated: Fall.
Overrated: Humans. Underrated: Animals.

And here is a short list of things that are highly rated--but that live up to the hype!
William Shatner, bacon, the Obamas, Dolly Parton, sharks, Oprah Winfrey, Hawaii, Krispy Kreme.

What would be on YOUR list? Feel free to share in the comments!

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