Sunday, February 7, 2010

B Minus Time Traveler

Guy and I were discussing our lackluster academic careers the other day, and he remembered this skit from the Ben Stiller show. Janeane Garafalo is hilariously whiny and lame. Bob Odenkirk and Andy Dick also appear in this skit.

George Washington: Didn't you study American history?
Janeane Garofalo: Yeah, but I wasn't a freak about it!


  1. American History was my best subject in high school! That's why I was selected as my school's D.A.R. Good Citizen. So in a way, I *don't* identify with B- Time Traveler...

  2. Sigh. I bet Stephanie doesn't either.

    I was too much of a goody-goody to cheat, so I can't identify in that way. And, actually, my history grades were fairly good too. But I was sadly familiar with the grade of B- in many other subjects!

  3. I'd like to think that if I'd time traveled shortly after high school I could have done better than this character. But Mark is often shocked by what I don't know about American history. I really should try to get a better grasp on it. I didn't study history AT ALL in college--stupid Vassar with its lack of core requirements!

  4. Seriously! Have you ever read any Sarah Vowell? She writes about American history in a really entertaining way (she visits historical sites and buildings and writes about them entertainingly and funnily).

    Not that I retained much of it...

  5. No, I've never heard of her. I was just talking about all of this to Mark today and I said I wished I had watched that Civil War miniseries that everyone was talking about a few years ago (my mother still refers to it). He said, "It's not too late." Uh-oh, I may have to go through with it.

  6. ahahahha!

    Well, try Sarah Vowell if the miniseries is too boring. Her books are fun, and also make you feel like you are learning something. She loves Lincoln. (Not that I retained any of it, though.)