Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Even When She's Bad, She's Good

I love Sandra Bullock. She's cute, she's down-to-earth, she's fun, and you never hear anyone in Hollywood say a bad word about her. She has the reputation of being easy to work with and nice to everyone on set, including the crew.

Can she act? I'm not sure, but I don't really care. I'd be happy to see her win an Academy Award just for being a cool person.

Here she is demonstrating her awesomeness yet again by vowing to show up and enthusiastically accept the Razzie if she wins it. (She has been nominated for both an Oscar and a Razzie this year. And, seriously, All About Steve truly was atrocious):

"At 45, she has had a long and prosperous career in romantic comedies. But The Blind Side tapped into a different side of the actress, emotionally and dramatically. 'I want to baffle people by not doing something that is expected to me. I want to keep being allowed to make choices.'

"One topic has been carefully sidestepped: Her third film this year, All About Steve, which earned her some of her worst reviews ever. Now it is up for several Razzie honors, including worst actress. 'Thank God, that film is finally being recognized for something,' she says. 'They don't get it now but in 10 years it is going to have a cult following. If I win, I am so showing up. I have to enjoy that as much as getting an Oscar nomination. It is the great balance in our business.' "


  1. I just hope she gets that Oscar so that Meryl Streep doesn't!