Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mia McHugh, Winehouse Impersonator

Mia McHugh looks more like Amy Winehouse than Amy herself! I think Amy would have been in trouble had Mia turned out to be a "real" woman. But don't worry, Mia. You can do better than Blake!

From the Sun:

BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL has been romping with a teenage AMY WINEHOUSE lookalike, knowing "she" is a transsexual FELLA.

Junkie Blake, 31, took dark-haired MIA McHUGH on a string of nights out at his favourite haunts and stayed with her at a hotel and a pal's house six times.

He found out she was a pre-op transsexual on their first date, yet insisted he loved her and even TOLD ex Amy that Mia was a bloke.

The pair have since split and frantic Blake has spent the past two days trying to contact Mia in a bid to stop their relationship becoming public. He told her he'd be ridiculed for the affair and feared what pals would say.

Blake linked up on Facebook with Mia, 17, who has had boob implants to give her a 32C bust and is due full reconstructive surgery next January to change her male genitals to female. He met her 24 hours later for an intimate night at a London Travelodge.

Part-time crimper Mia, who first contacted ex-heroin addict Blake in October, said: "He told me, 'You remind me of my Amy. You're so beautiful'."

After meeting her at St Pancras station, Blake - who has also secretly been seeing AMY for the last three months - whisked Mia to his old local in East London's Shoreditch. She said last night: "He introduced me to his pals as his new girlfriend.

"Within minutes he was snogging me at the pool table, but he had no idea of my transsexual background. He was taking cocaine in the toilets and would come out rubbing his nose. It was bizarre. I was nervous, but I liked him, so I just went along with it. Then he took me to the hotel. We played games of dare and ended up kissing and mucking about. I was lying there and his hands were all over me. Then he suddenly realised. He stopped, looked at me, and said, 'Are you a transsexual'? I told him yes and he just smiled.

"He kept asking me questions about it - he was fascinated with my Adam's apple - and I was besotted with him."

Over the next six weeks Mia, who has been dressing as a girl since she was four, shared hundreds of phone calls and texts with Blake. They met regularly for hotel sex sessions and he took her back to his friend's house.

Blake often travelled to London from Sheffield to stay overnight, in clear breach of his prison licence - which was granted following his early release from jail, where he was serving time for assault and trial-fixing.

After several weeks confused Blake told 26-year-old Amy, from whom he was divorced last July, about the liaisons. The Back to Black superstar then telephoned Mia. And in a taped conversation obtained by The Sun she said: "I don't care what Blake does. I want to thank you. I mean it, thank you, because I haven't been around.

"You're a beautiful girl. But Blake and I are best friends - we're the same person. He loves someone else and there is only one me."

Mia, who told Blake she was 20, idolises Amy - mimicking her distinctive eye make-up, hair and clothes. Her final meeting with Blake came on Wednesday, when she confronted him (as he walked through Sheffield) with supposed fiancee Sarah Aspin, 31.

He snarled at Mia: "What the f*** are you doing here? I can't talk now."

He said in a text: "I ain't ashamed, but you have to leave me alone now."

Mia said: "We had a special relationship for months, but it turned sour when I wanted a full commitment. I realise now he won't be happy till he and Amy are married again."

Blake could now face a return to jail for breaching his licence. He also broke the rules by taking cocaine and smoking weed in front of Mia.


  1. I'm impressed that he texted "ain't"--do you think he included the apostrophe?

  2. I think he might least allegedly...the original story included a screen shot of the text screen! I'll look it up...