Monday, March 15, 2010

Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza

Derivative? A tad.

Adequate compensation for being snubbed at the Oscar obits? Surely not.

Pleasantly diverting despite the meaty closeup in the March 11 entry? Darn tootin'.

Bea Arthur fans, the link of the day is for you.

Tiny Miss Fran


  1. I LIKE IT! Keep up the good werk!

  2. I wasn't a cub reporter for nothin'!

    Hey, so where are you guys now? Have you eaten any barbecue yet? Did you have a delightful flight?

    Why are there little wrenches and pencils on this page? Can you see them? I've screwed up the order of stuff in the left column; next I'm going to change all the fonts to Arial and change the password settings. Don't tell Beebo.

    tiny miss fran

  3. Ha ha! The tiny wrenches and pencils are just in the editing version--if you sign out, you don't see them.;>| Beebo can always re-set her layout, so don't worry!

    We are in Nashville, but have had no BBQ yet--just some regional beer and a big pretzel. Tomorrow--the Country Music Hall of Fame!

    It's two hours later here! And we had to get up at 3:45 am, so we're sleepy!

  4. "Beebo can always re-set her layout, so don't worry!"

    Not if she doesn't know the password anymore!

  5. Hey--that's rude!

    Remember, TMF, I can sic all 17 pounds of Deebo on you when we get back to Seattle!

  6. Oh, Beebo, if only you would!

    Maybe he'll pack on a few more pounds of fluffy while you guys are out of town, and there will be even more of him to love!

    What else can I do to provoke you and ensure this prize is mine?