Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fu Man Fortunes

My mom took Guy and me to Fu Man Dumpling House yesterday for lunch. It's difficult to find a good Chinese restaurant in Seattle (outside of the International District), so this place is an amazing discovery. The food is so delicious and amazing. The noodles taste really fresh and flavorful, and the servers are so nice.

Neighborhood: Bitter Lake
14314 Greenwood Avenue N.
Seattle, WA 98133
(206) 364-0681

I was just reading reviews on Yelp which are overwhelmingly positive. Since I'm too lazy to write my own, here's a sample review from Xander D:

"Two words: PORK BUNS!!!

"On a whim, we were yelping dumpling eateries in the area and found this hole-in-the-wall gem on Greenwood! I've been craving the pork buns ever since I had them. AND, as has been mentioned before many times, the homemade garlic sauce is fantastic.

"We ordered the Pork Buns, BBQ Pork, Chow Mein Special, and Hot and Sour soup with Dumplings. After ordering, the guy said, "That's too much food. You don't need all that!" LOL! We couldn't believe it. Never have we heard someone turn down an order! But we went ahead with everything, and of course he was right. But the Chow Mein was delish the next day, for sure.

"This is definitely a place we will go again: great service and delicious food!

"I feel obligated to comment on the decor, since so many do in their reviews (just talking in general here). I don't need fancy ambiance when eating. It is nice, of course, but not necessary. So don't expect anything fancy here. There were 8 or so tables, close together, but it never felt cramped. A few of the tables are right by the door, so if you don't want the cold, don't sit by the door! Either way, if you want to eat there or take out, it's worth it for sure!

"Here's hoping that Fu Man is around for a long time!"

Word, Xander D. I've noticed that decor doesn't seem to matter much in restaurants, as long as the food and "energy" of the place are good. What I mean by energy is just a friendly, happy, welcoming feeling radiating from the servers, as if they like each other and it's a nice place to work. I have a theory that this "gets into the food" somehow. I know it's woo-woo, but that's been my personal experience. Other restaurants that have this special quality are Machiavelli (an Italian place in Capitol Hill) and Little Thai (in the University District).

Even if the food is great and the restaurant is beautiful, if the place radiates unhappiness, the food won't taste as good. But if the place has a good energy, it nourishes your soul as well as your body.

I also really liked the fortunes in our cookies. Mine was the first one: When your heart is pure, your mind is clear. But because I'm kind of woo-woo like that, I decided that all three fortunes were secretly meant for me. Thanks for the friendly support, Universe!


  1. Oh that food looks soooo good.

    I'll have to try pork buns here in Philly; I've never tried them before.

  2. My favorite fortune ever was "Socially, you will be involved in an enjoyable event."

    Another nice one was "Your partner will be proud of you," which I had tucked into the frame of a postcard depicting a young mid-century couple in mid-skip on the Brooklyn Bridge, looking purposeful and happy, the guy swinging a briefcase. Then the wind from the window blew it somewhere behind my desk.

    I think a cupcake party at Beebo's would be an event I could socially enjoy. (Hint.)

  3. Try the pork buns for sure, Dana! They are amazing!

    And hmmmm....cupcake party. Those two words sound so good together!