Monday, March 15, 2010

Tiny Miss Fran asks Beebo questions about her blog.

Tiny Miss Fran: I think I can deliver on the squirrels and the cooking, but your fans may have to go elsewhere for their Gaga/Winehouse coverage while you're gone. What other beats do you want me to follow? H1N1? The Middle East?
Beebo: The nice thing about my blog, TMF, is that I basically have no standards and no quality control. So you can do whatever the hell you want! My only guideline has been trying to post at least one thing a day--but you don't even have to do that, if you don't feel like it. Most of my posts are just stories that I lazily jacked from other websites, so there is really no pressure. I'm a very lazy blogger. Just try to not make it ALL about kibble and string, Tiny Miss Fran.

TMF: Are there any words or phrases you would prefer I not use on your blog? Please be very explicit.
Beebo: Heh! Well, TMF, I try not to "go blue" when I can help it, but once in a while, profanity is called for. So just do what "feels right." The internets might be shocked if a cute tiny little cat curses like a sailor...but that sounds kinda cute too.

TMF: Where is it you're going again? What do you expect to be the hi-lites and lo-lites of your trip?
Beebo: We're meeting Glenda in Tennessee and going to GRACELAND!! I expect that to be the highlight. Then she's driving us to Alabama where we will stay with John B et al and possibly see some GATORS. (that could be another hi-lite.) Jennifer and Diana have a trip that will overlap for a few days and they will drive us to FLORIDA BEACHES (which apparently are close by). If one of us gets eaten by a shark, that would be a lo-lite (but also, let's face it, a hi-lite) of the trip.

TMF: Will you send me updates from the road that I can share with your readers?
Beebo: Oooh! I will if I can!! Our computer access won't be great but maybe I'll send you a psychic update or two.

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  1. It appeals to my sense of vanity that I have made an appearance in your guest blogging. ;) Well done!