Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrity Fat Club

It's weird how Kevin Federline keeps getting himself into contexts where he somehow comes across as "the mature one." I'm not sure how he does that, but it happened with Britney and it's happening again on Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp.

The last episode (that I watched) featured a spectacular bitch fight between the two biggest divas of the season, Tanisha Thomas and Sebastian Bach. The producers must be really glad they cast them, because K-Fed really isn't pulling his weight (pun intended) in the drama department.

But Tanisha and Sebastian are both ridiculously over-the-top, hot-headed, and immature, so it was inevitable that they would eventually clash.

I can't remember how it started--I think they were both just tired and cranky--but at some point, Sebastian escalated the fight by insulting Tanisha's weave. Tanisha instantly went ballistic, explaining later in an interview that you can't insult a black girl's weave and expect anything less than a nuclear reaction. Yeah, I can understand that.

Anyway, the fight devolved into name-calling and silly posturing with one or both of them stomping off angrily. I can't remember how it ended, but I think it was mostly just because they eventually ran out of insults for each other.

Later, after they'd both had time to cool down, Tanisha solemnly and hilariously decided to be "the bigger person" and walk over to Sebastian's cabin to apologize. Sebastian pouted and sulked like a big baby for a while, but they ended up hugging it out and he admitted that he actually likes her weave.

And then, the weekly weigh-in. This was my favorite part of the episode, because they had all the "emotional counselors" and "experts" lined up, and then there was this priceless exchange:

Counselor (in a sensitive, meaningful voice): When Tanisha said "Fuck you" to you...what did you hear?

Sebastian: I heard "Fuck you"!

Counselor: Yes, but...what did it mean?

Sebastian: It meant "Fuck you!"

Hahahahhaa! Oh, Sebastian, I love you. (You too, Tanisha.)

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