Monday, March 1, 2010

Things Are Looking Sunny Today

This Saturday I went to see a play at ACT theater and guess who was sitting at the end of my row? Local weatherman Steve Pool! Now, I don't really watch TV news and never have, but I've lived in Seattle since 1991, so I guess the awareness of Steve Pool seeped slowly into my consciousness over time, since he's been our local weatherman since the dawn of time (or 1984 anyway).

Isn't he pleasant and engaging? Here he is dispensing sage advice about preparing for winter weather:

Let's learn more:

"Steve Pool (born November 5, 1955) is the principal weather anchor for KOMO-TV in Seattle, having joined the station as an intern while attending the University of Washington. He joined in 1977 as KOMO's principal science reporter, in addition to serving as weekend news anchor and weather forecaster.

"In 1984, he became KOMO's primary weather forecaster after the retirement of longtime KOMO weather anchor Ray Ramsey. That same year, he began hosting a program on KOMO-TV titled "Front Runners" which aired every Saturday at 7:30PM on KOMO. The show would soon pick up nationwide syndication and featured the stories of people who beat all odds or had a unique talent, etc. Memorable segments of Front Runners include a look behind the scenes at the world of Bill Nye the Science Guy and a look at the career of fellow KOMO colleague Kathi Goertzen, as well as a behind-the-scenes tour at KOMO. Front Runners was produced by Ken Morrison and won many awards in its run, including scores of Emmy Awards. The show ended in 1996.

"KOMO News anchors Dan Lewis, Kathi Goertzen, and Steve Pool have the third longest-running tenure out of any news team in America, having worked together at KOMO-TV since 1987.

"He has won seven Emmy Awards during his career to date, made more than 80 appearances as a guest weather talent on the television show Good Morning America, and appeared in the movies Vixen Highway (2001) and Life or Something Like It (2002).

"Additionally, he is the author of a book about weather and its forecasting, titled "Somewhere, I Was Right." During the 1990s, Steve Pool hosted a video series titled I Wanna Be...(astronaut, construction worker, pilot, TV news reporter, etc)."

...Being a local celebrity seems like maybe it would be better than being, say, Angelina Jolie or someone like that. You could still enjoy some of the perks of fame, without having to deal with stuff like paparazzi and fans mobbing you every time you left the house.

However, even being a mild celebrity apparently doesn't rule out the possibility of some wackjob ornamenting himself with a giant tattoo of your face!! Yes, some weirdo got this huge portrait of Steve Pool tattooed onto his leg. I don't know who it is...someone posted it anonymously on the KOMO news website. Creepy...but also kind of sweet, in a way. I can't decide. As far as tattoos go, this is a friendly one, with a hopeful, optimistic vibe. But it's surprising that anyone would feel that strongly about Steve Pool. I wonder how Steve Pool feels about it?


  1. He was the best thing about Life or Something Like It!

  2. Thanks for this post; the TakeWinterbyStorm website is helpful.

    I wouldn't want my face on someone else's body. Then again, I have never worked where my face would be on tv ;-)

  3. That's a benefit of not being on TV. :D