Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Glamour Fit

Tiny Miss Fran had a totally ass day at work, but nothing soothes her frayed nerves and frothing resentment like coming home to a new L.L. Bean "Signature" catalog! The new line features some sophisticated colors and cute wrap dresses, and the usual yummy cashmere that always ends up all shrunken and slutty-looking because she's too lazy to dry clean it so she has to take it to Goodwill after trying to wash it at home.

But the best thing is the catalog itself, which smells and feels almost as good as the Sunset did before the subscription ran out. The slightly slick finish! The pointy page corners! The drool-worthy ink scent that makes Tiny Miss Fran feel all peaceful and woozy!

This fancy new L.L. Bean "Signature" catalog is to TMF what The Elf is to her feckless brother Buckaroo... and you can see how much lub that thing has been subjected to:


  1. Heh heh! That's double-cute post to wake up to!

  2. So THAT'S the famous "The Elf"! I always wondered what that looked like. :D

  3. That's one fierce look Tiny Miss Fran is shooting out. I wouldn't want to try to come between her and her L.L. Bean catalog.