Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Breakfast at the Loveless Cafe

About 10 miles outside of Nashville, on the way to Memphis, you start seeing more cows and rolling hills and you feel like you're really in the country...and that's where you'll find the Loveless Cafe, where we ate breakfast. It's kind of a famous restaurant, with signed photos of various country music stars all over its entryway walls, but it still has a modest homey feel.

After breakfast (which included grits, smoked ham, and platefuls of hot biscuits and gravy), we wandered around for a while taking pictures. I kept walking past the smokehouse and eventually a guy inside called out, "Hey! You're taking a lot of pictures!" For a second I thought he was about to yell at me, but then he said, "You really oughta come in here and get a picture of the smoked pig butts!"

So I went in and took this photo:

Yum! I asked him, "Are you George?" (the waitress had said something about George earlier) and he said, "Absolutely!" and I asked him if I could take his photo and he said sure. Here's George:

George is a nice fella. Here's some art on a wall near the smokehouse:

And this painting was inside, hanging over our table. It's a portrait of Carol Fay, who makes the biscuits using a secret recipe:

Here's what the outside of the smokehouse looks like:


  1. George looks friendly. Nice that you took his photo and made him an Internet "star" ;-)

    Did you have grits with butter and fried fish. Ooooohhhhh that's sooo good. Grits, scrambled eggs, country ham and a leetle butter is yummy, too.

    Thanks for the delightful food memories.

  2. Yeah, George was quality. I did have grits! They were great.

    Thanks for you comments, Dana! :)