Friday, March 26, 2010

So long, suckers! or something

For all Tiny Miss Fran knows, Beebo and Guy are already back in the leggish arms of Deebo, fresh (or not so fresh) from their flight home from Pensacola. Still, she'll try to sneak in just one more posting (to join the many, many musings and bons mots she has shared with you during Beebo's hiatus-y thing) before probably scuttling all memory of Beebo's username and login.

What better way to bid adieu to you, readers, and bienvenue to la Beebeau than with a picture of Edith Prickley?

TMF is pretty sure Edith Prickley had some kind of trademark sign-off, but she is too lazy/Internets-impaired to track down what that might be. She thinks it started with an S. Sayonara? See you later, sweetie? Say a prayer for me, sir?

Oh wells, y'all will have Miss Beebo back for good pretty soon. Bye!

Tiny Miss Fran


  1. Hola! We're back! And Deebs is giving us what-for now! Thanks on behalf of Beebo for your blogging efforts in her absence!