Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Greetings From Nashville

Since Tiny Miss Fran hasn't changed the password on my account quite yet, I am seizing this opportunity to post some photos I took today in Nashville. It's a fun town. We did some shopping, then went to the Country Music Hall of Fame museum, then had lunch. The music museum was incredibly great, and made me even more ashamed than I already was of the EMP, Seattle's sad-ass excuse for a music museum.

These are some photos I took today: some sidewalk art; a bear that Hank Williams shot (from the museum, natch); and a delicious smoked Tennessee shoulder pork sandwich.


  1. Yay! I appreciate the prominent placement of Patsy Cline's head on that 'er guitar! What are the sides on that plate... creamed corn and... okra? And is that mac-n-cheese in the upper left? Damn! Good thing I already et. I don't think Patsy Cline ever shot a bear so the Hank Williams one is good enough for me, too. And I'm with you—just about everything makes me more ashamed of the EMP than I was already. I've heard rumors of a Chihuly incursion at Seattle Center, as though the glass palace in Tacoma just isn't enough to contain his genius. Now that might give the EMP a run for its grossness money.

    Happy travels!

  2. YES it's mac and cheese, and green beans (cooked with ham). We saw some of Patsy's dresses at the museum too!!

    ...Ugh, I hate that glass asshole!

  3. The smoked Tennessee shoulder pork sandwich looks gooood.

    I like green beans cooked with bacon. Otherwise, you have to dowse them in garlic sauce. I ain't eatin' raw green beans evah. Shudder.