Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hawk Sighting

I spotted a hawk on campus this morning!

I was walking across campus to Starbucks for my morning cup of coffee, when I suddenly saw a stream of "water" trickling down from the top of a lamppost. There was a hawk perched on top! It had just peed.

I was able to look at him pretty close up. He wasn't the red-tailed hawk I've seen on campus before. He was fairly large, with the distinctive curved beak, and he (or she) was brown all over. Then he swooped down to the grass and sat there for a while, and his wings weren't white or distinctive in any way, just brown.

According to Wikipedia, there are more species of hawk than any other bird, which makes it harder for me to make this identification....

Update: Gloria says, "From the place you saw it and possible size it's likely to be one of the following: Cooper's Hawk or Sharp-Shinned Hawk. Possibly a Peregrine falcon, and if it was very small it could be a Kestrel. Hawks are difficult for experienced birders unless they're up close. This is migration season so they're passing through and it could have been an uncommon hawk landed here to get food for its journey. The most amazing sight with hawks is called a 'Kettle' where hundreds move together and swirl and dive up high in the thermals. I've seen it in NY many times but not here yet. "

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