Sunday, September 20, 2009


My favorite nail polish brand is O.P.I. The quality is excellent, they offer a huge range of colors, and the price is a bit splurge-y but still acceptable (especially if you buy it online or at Fred Meyer--don't buy it at a salon because salon prices are ridiculously inflated).

But the best thing about O.P.I. is that they are constantly launching new collections which always have a theme--like "Psychedelic Summer" or "Garden Party" or "Holiday In Toyland." And every color within each collection has a doofy name that is usually some kind of tortured pun in reference to the theme.

For example, the "French" collection offers: Louvre Me Louvre Me Not, Parlez-Vous OPI?, You Don't Know Jacques!, Tickle My France-Y, Bastille My Heart, I'm Fondue of You, A Oui Bit of Red, We'll Always Have Paris, and Eiffel for This Color.

The Indian collection includes: I'm India the Mood for Love, ElePhantastic Pink, Black Cherry Chutney, Keys to My Karma, MonSooner or Later, Moon Over Mumbai, Yoga-ta Get This Blue, Get Me To the Taj On Time, and Curry Up Don't Be Late!

The Russian collection (shown below left) includes: Boris & Natasha, Siberian Nights, An Affair In Red Square, Russian Navy (Guy bought me this one), Vodka & Caviar, Ruble for Your Thoughts, Catherine the Grape, Cosmo-Not Tonight, Honey!, Midnight In Moscow, Suzi Says Da! (I used to have this color too, it's a very pretty brown, but I gave it to a friend who loved it even more), Kreme De La Kremlin, and St. Petersburgundy.

Well, you get the idea.

The newest innovation in nail polish this season is a completely matte, unshiny nail (photo below right). O.P.I. launched the "Matte" collection in July. I've read online that it was a huge success, but I haven't actually noticed anyone wearing it. Maybe it's just because Seattle isn't a fashion town. The company is following it up this Fall with the "Suede" collection. While I admire their risk-taking, I'm just not sure if I'm really onboard with this. To me, nails should be shiny. But maybe I'll change my mind.

O.P.I. is constantly discontinuing collections and inventing new ones. But luckily, it's very easy to buy discontinued colors online. The official O.P.I. website doesn't do any online selling--and it's not very easy to find a big selection in stores--but there are many, many online vendors selling the old shades. If you're worried about ordering from someplace you've never heard of, just do a search on Amazon and order it through them instead.

The colors that are next on my list to buy are: Parlez-Vous O.P.I.? (smoky lavender), and 2 shades from the Princess Charming collection: Pink-Ing of You (light pink), and I've Got a Date To-Knight (slightly lighter pink).

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