Friday, January 15, 2010

Dave's Killer Bread

If you live in the Northwest, you may recently have noticed a new product in the bread aisle. Initially, I noticed "Dave's Killer Bread" primarily because I find the name Dave inherently funny, and there's also a doofy portrait of him on the label.

Still, in the frenzy of post-work grocery shopping, I didn't really give Dave much of a second thought, until one day my friend John conversationally mentioned, "Have you tried Dave's Bread? It's really good!"

He went on to describe Dave's backstory, about how Dave is an ex-con who has changed his life for the better, partly through his new vocation of baking bread.

I could ignore Dave no longer. How many loaves of bread have this much personality??

So, the next time I was at QFC, I went straight for Dave's Killer Bread. I excitedly read Dave's "origin story" to Guy, who agreed that it was cool.

Meanwhile, I noticed a tall long-haired beefy guy shopping a few steps away from us, and in my weird delusional mind, I said to myself, "Hey, that's Dave." I made eye contact with him and we exchanged a polite smile; so now I was having a little fantasy that Dave was overhearing our conversation and thinking, "Hey, they like my bread! Right on, man!"

Clearly, I'm insane. But the funny part is that when I told this to Guy later, he said he'd been thinking the same exact thing. Except he's even crazier than me, because right after discussing the bread, I was choosing a peanut butter, and Guy suggested Adam's, and I said, "No, I'm sick of Adam's." Guy said that, at that moment, he had a paranoid fear that "Dave" was actually "Adam" and he was now mad at me for insulting his peanut butter. He imagined him saying, "Thanks a lot, lady!" before storming off.

In conclusion: I am crazy, but Guy is crazier. Oh, and also--John was right! It is really good bread!

Note: I had to do a close-up of the cute graphic below. It looks like a slice of bread playing cards with...some grains?? Well, Dave was a drug addict for many years. I guess we have to cut him some slack.

Read more about Dave at:


  1. Well, you can never be too paranoid!
    I figured out what the slice and grains are doing--they're playing 'Vingt-et-un', aka Blackjack.

  2. OH! Because of the 21 grains!! Clever! I would never have figured that out.

    I thought Dave was just having an acid flashback. :D

  3. This reminds me of the Kids in the Hall "Daves I Know" song. "Some of us are Davids, but most of are Daves... something about hands, and we come from different mums." You should post a link to the video!

    By the way, Dave's Bread does rock, and it freezes really well, too—which is important because it's kind of pricey so it's good to stock up when it's on sale. My favorite weekday breakfast is Dave's toast with honey and almond butter. There are lots of different Dave's breads, so you should collect them all just for the cute drawings. Dave's!

  4. Oh, good idea! I'll post that song. :)

    yummmmmmmmmmmmm, dave's breads.

  5. You have to cut Guy some slack, though--he did have that experience of talking shit about Aimee Mann and then turning around to see her standing RIGHT THERE.

  6. hahahhaha, yeah! :D I was mad at him about that, since I was a big Aimee Mann fan. I'm kind of sick of her now, though.

  7. D'oh! That made me paranoid FOR LIFE.