Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm really mad, because whoever invented the Snuggie ("The Blanket That Has Sleeves!") stole my idea. Yes, I had been struggling to get my own concept off the ground, but once I'd ironed out a few gitches, it would have been totally awesome. America was going to love it.

My concept was Slittie ("The Unfashionable Badly-Fitting Sweater That Has a Big Slit Up the Back!").

Unfortunately, while I was in talks with this guy (photo at right) to have him pitch it, he got arrested for cocaine possession or something, and "Snuggie" beat me to the punch.

Sad, because I think my concept was more dynamic and ultimately, more honest.


  1. That's nifty! Did you make one with giant clown polka dots?

  2. Clown polka dots?? What are you talking about?

  3. What are YOU talking about? No, what I meant was, I got a little distracted by the "Wild Side" stripes, and thought big, clownish dots would be more appropriate to the garment, since it looks like a big clown suit. :)

  4. Yes, now I get your drift. Well, it would be hard to make snuggies any uglier, but clownish dots might do it!

  5. Can someone please explain to me the difference between these Snuggies and wearing your robe backwards without the belt?

  6. One word: Marketing.

    There IS no difference! You are right, it is a backwards beltless robe! I kind of get the appeal, though...they did a good job of making you *think* that you'd somehow be REALLY comfortable on the couch watching TV if only you had a Snuggie.