Friday, January 8, 2010

Heather's Cute Hair

All the world hates Heather Mills. There is really precious little to like about this wackadoodle, and the sad part is, the one thing I suspect Heather craves more than anything is to be popular and adored. Well, she's going to have to settle for tons of cold hard cash instead, because Heather, your public does not love you, and we never will. Oh, I suppose there are some hard-core animal-loving fanatics over at PETA that like her okay, but personally, even as a huge animal lover myself, it's hard to believe that Heather really cares about anything but her own self-promotion.

Remember when she tried to make Paul McCartney out to be the bad guy, and nobody bought it? Like, at all? We all just felt sorry for him for getting mixed up with her in the first place, while Stella just sat back and laughed and laughed. And then she appeared on Dancing With the Stars, hoping against hope that this would be the thing that would finally make America love her. And as she hopped bravely around on that dance floor with her one leg, lumbering her way courageously through each number with a big smile on her face, our hearts failed to stir, and America said, collectively, "...Meh."

But today, I actually have a kind word to say about Heather Mills: I like her new haircut and lighter color. There, I said it. Don't hold it against me, Paul. I'm still on Team Macca.


  1. Wow, she does look much better. Usually my opinion of her looks is more along the lines of, "Why was such a regular-looking person ever a model?" But she looks striking like this. She still has her lips pursed in that annoying, crooked way, though. At least she's left us with that.

    Speaking of one-legged models, did you hear about/watch Britain's Missing Top Model? I just saw the finale/summary the other night (I hadn't seen any other episodes). It was interesting, and the winner was more actual-top-model-looking than Tyra's usually are. The title makes absolutely no sense, though. It sounds more like a show about a manhunt.

  2. Yeah, that title is confusing! It sounds strangely dire and mysterious.

    I guess there are "top model" spin-off shows all over the globe, there is one in Germany, I think, and one in Australia. Tyra's winners tend to be pretty assy, although the girl that one her last "cycle" was really pretty.

  3. whoops, I meant "won" not "one."

  4. The weird thing is that the word "missing" seemed to be standing in for "disabled." The winner was missing half an arm, but not all of the contestants were missing limbs. One was deaf, one had some kind of nerve disorder, one had lost the use of her legs in an accident, etc.

  5. Oh, weird! I wonder if using the word "missing" in that way is common in the U.K.