Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Black Hair Is "In"

Word on the streets has it that black hair is now "in." Apparently, Marc Jacobs is asking models to dye their hair for his Spring 2010 collection, and previously platinum models such as Agyness Deyn have already complied.

In related news, Robin Wright, ex-wife of Sean Penn, has dropped the "Penn" part of her name and dyed her hair black. Typical break-up hair gambit. But I think she looks stunning as a brunette.

And finally, Ashlee Simpson is now back to black, following her sudden firing from Melrose Place (rumored to be engineered by returning cast member Heather Locklear, who did not appreciate Ashlee's diva attitude and jokes about Heather's age). Team Heather!

In conclusion, there are three reasons for a person to dye her hair black. These are: random dictate of fashion as decided by Marc Jacobs; divorce from Sean Penn; and being suddenly fired from a television show because Heather Locklear hates you.

Which reason will you choose?

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