Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cat Appetizers

I love cats. I love spoiling my cat. My cat is very spoiled by me.

However, this product is insane.

The copy reads:

"Introducing an Entirely New Way to Celebrate the Moment. Delight your cat with real seafood, chicken and beef appetizers in a delicate broth, and make the most of any moment together."

First of all, it's not exactly "entirely new" for cats to "celebrate the moment" by eating. Every cat I've ever known has celebrated the moment in just that way. Also, I don't think overfeeding your cat is really the beautiful bonding experience that this ad seems to claim it is.

Still, I have to admire the ballsiness of pitching appetizers for cats at a time when everything else is all recession-this and pinching-pennies-that. It's refreshingly out of touch. Come to think of it, Fancy Feast always was the cat food brand for the kind of crazy cat owner who subscribes to Cat Fancy, dresses their pets in little costumes, refers to them as their children, and wants to spend too much money on unnecessarily expensive cat food. So maybe this is simply a case of a company understanding its customers.

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