Monday, November 23, 2009

This Time for Sure!

I love it when celebrities marry and divorce a lot, especially when it's the same person over and over again. Pamela Anderson has practically turned this behavior into an art form, having married and divorced Tommy Lee twice, before marrying Kid Rock in about 10 different rapid-fire wedding ceremonies...and then divorcing him too. Actually, Pamela deserves bonus points for marrying either of those guys even once.

In a similar display of spectacularly bad judgement, Amy Winehouse seems poised to re-marry her good-for-nothing ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, recently released from prison after doing time for assault. He also tried to sue her at one point, demanding money from sales of Back to Black because every song on that record is about him. I don't know whatever happened to that lawsuit, but it was probably laughed out of court. And he's a heroin addict. This guy just gets better and better.

But I say: go for it, Amy! It's true love! What could possibly go wrong?:

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are reportedly planning to remarry after the troubled singer proposed to her ex-husband.

The 'Back To Black' singer reportedly told Blake Fielder-Civil she was planning to wear her engagement ring again and the reconciled couple are now planning a wedding for three months time.

According to Britain's News of the World newspaper, Blake told a friend: "We both know we have only ever been divorced on paper. This is the right thing to do. We have been talking on the phone five or six times a day. On Friday she told me she was going to put the engagement ring on. It's the engagement ring I gave Amy the first time. I think it cost £2,000 from Tiffany.

"We'd changed our status to married on Facebook a couple of weeks back but that was more of a laugh. This is the real deal. She told me she wanted to get married again. I feel so happy."

The wedding plans are currently on hold as under the terms of his prison release, Blake - who was jailed for attempting to pervert the course of justice and grievous bodily harm - is unable to return to London until February and is currently receiving treatment at a rehabilitation clinic in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Until his return, Blake has pledged to stay faithful to Amy, despite admitting to sleeping with other women in recent months.

He said: "I'm not going to go near anyone else. I have discussed it with Amy. She understood we both had to try and move on. But I think deep down she always knew we'd tie the knot again." Blake, 27, divorced Amy, 25, in July on the grounds of her infidelity. They first married in May 2007.

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