Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Insane Christmas Ornaments

This morning, I was reading Perez Hilton and I found out that there exists a Scientology Holiday catalog. Wow! I wish I had a copy of it, because the Scientologists have not made it available online (I'm sure they are wisely hiding it from inevitable public mockery).

Anyway, feeling inspired by this, I put "weird holiday catalogs" into my search engine, just for fun, and found a fun post on about weird Christmas ornaments (links below).

Here are some of my favorites from that list:

1. Santa kneeling over Jesus. This is the kind of image that seems to make sense for a second when you first look at it...until a second later when you realize that it makes absolutely no sense.

2. Leprechaun Santa. This isn't as crazy as Santa leaning over a manger, but it's still a confusing image. If you dwell on it, you start imagining all kinds of weird scenarios, like Santa dancing gleefully over a pot of gold, or hiding presents under a rainbow.

3. Menorah. 'Nuff said.

The Bigfoot ornament doesn't really go with these others, in the sense that it's not insane, just obscure. I'm just including it here cause I like it! Here is the official Bronner's catalog description:

Our Bigfoot glass ornament is sure to make a big impression on your tree for years to come! Friends and family will have fun trying to sight this legendary wonder in the branches of your tree! Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, our Sasquatch is 4½" tall and crafted of glass and resin.

(Legend of the Bigfoot card included.)
Bronner #1133053.

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