Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Are you as chuffed as I am that Jedward may be replacing Jordan on I'm a Celebrity? As you know, they were the quiffed-up two that either you loved or loathed on X Factor.

Oh wait, I just remembered, we're American, so we've never heard of Jedward. Well, apparently, they are the latest media sensation to take Britain by storm. Their tried-and-true angle is: we are laughably talentless but our clueless enthusiasm is adorable! Just like William Hung. As someone who purchased not one, but two William Hung albums, I am clearly exactly the sort of person who would easily fall prey to the wacky charms of Jedward.

They were even spoofed by David Walliams (of Little Britain) which is definitely an indicator of success (of some kind). David said: "I love everything about John & Edward. Except their singing. I felt a strange kind of inner peace being dressed up as them. I now dress up as them all the time and I'm hoping they will ask me to join the band."

In this article from the Sun, the twins explain their rapacious love of all attention, even negative attention (which is the hallmark of fame whores everywhere). Also, I love that they hope to work with "major artists" like "Boyzone":

DUMPED X FACTOR duo Jedward last night revealed they were inspired by the HATRED of music fans. Tone-deaf John and Edward Grimes claimed criticism of their voices drove them on. The Irish twins also believe they will never have a No1 - and may release a classical record.

The 18-year-olds, who are tipped to make millions, finally got the chop on Sunday night. They say the flak they received over their voices actually helped them.

John told TV Biz: "We love the fact people hated us enough to actually, you know... hate us. Deep down the people who hate you do have a soft spot for you somewhere."

The pair said they now hope to work with major artists such as Britney Spears and Boyzone. But John said: "We won't be top of the charts."

Edward added that it didn't matter that they weren't note perfect. He insisted: "A lot of bands aren't great singers. We put on a performance, that's what we do."

John said: "Our voice coach Yvie said we were improving and people couldn't handle that. When we're 20 you're not going to believe it... "

The duo even suggested they may release a classical record.

Edward said: "We're very classical in our approach. We complement each other. We can sing classical music as a bass and tenor."

The pair also thanked mentor Louis Walsh for sticking by them - and said they would miss Simon Cowell, who described them as "vile".

John insisted: "We don't hate him for the things he said."

Each twin is set to pocket £100,000 on next year's X Factor tour.

They have signed to Modest Management which is taking bookings for them to be paid £10,000 PER SONG to perform live.

A show source said: "They're the biggest act in Britain now. The sky's the limit as far as money goes."


  1. I can't tell...which photo is the one where it's David Walliams imitating Jedward? [puzzled face icon]

  2. I'm kind of jealous that they get to see David Walliams all the time! (English people, I mean, not Jedward.)

  3. What, you're not happy with Dane Cook?