Monday, November 23, 2009

Jordan Exodus

In a parallel universe, a former Big Brother contestant named Katie Price is a huge star, selling thousands of books and doing countless celebrity endorsements, while 2 unattractive little men nicknamed "Ant and Dec" are extremely famous TV hosts.

This parallel universe is called "England," and Katie Price (also known as "Jordan") has just made headlines in British celebrity news by quitting the reality show I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!:

Katie Price broke her silence on why she walked out of the I'm A Celebrity jungle after being asked to do yet another bushtucker trial.

Speaking soon after her overnight exit from the jungle she said: ''I'm not in it to win it, it makes no odds to me.

'I've done my challenges, people can see I'm genuine. I just don't want to be here any more. It's not about the money. I didn't come back here for that. I really miss my kids.'

And it seems she feels that she had achieved her aim in turning round the tide of negative public support she has suffered in recent months.

Confirming her exit on her Twitter micro-blogging page around 6am UK time this morning, she said: 'Hey thank you for all your support!! I tried my best.'

During her brief stay, the public has voted for her to take part in for every single trial, with varying degrees of success, but she cracked after being told she faced a seventh, along with the former boxer Joe Bugner.

The glamour model has been doused in 60,000 cockroaches, made to crawl through rat-infested tunnels and eaten all sorts of creepy-crawlies during her week in camp.


  1. Oddly, "Ant" of "Ant and Dec" is not the same "Ant" who appears on US reality shows as "Ant, Comedian"...
    Also, Remember how so many faux-celebs in the American 2009 version wouldn't do the trials? LAME!

  2. That is too confusing. There really shouldn't be more than one British celebrity named "Ant"! Shouldn't one of them go by "Tony" instead or something?? (I'm assuming Ant is short for Anthony.)

    I wonder if the British celebrities are tougher?