Friday, November 6, 2009

James Bond and the Overpriced Moisturizer of Doom

Lancôme's official description of their new moisturizer is grandiose, no? It sounds more like a plot of a movie to me, with a supervillain gleefully boasting to 007 that, with his discovery of the "secret of rebirth," he will now rule the world.

"Shrink in terror, Mr. Bond. With Sucre Vital, a magical nutrient that fuels life in a hostile undersea world, no one can stop me!"

"Think again, Dr. Nightshade. For now I have the powerful concentrate right here in my hands!"

"Nooooooo! Foiled again!" [Escapes in his submarine, etc.]

Secret De Vie
Ultimate Cellular Reviving Crème
YOUR SKIN REBORN. DISCOVER THE SECRET. It started in the Lancôme Laboratories with the urge to achieve “skin rebirth.” Then came an awesome discovery: Sucre Vital™, a magical nutrient that fuels life in a hostile undersea world. Recreated by Lancôme scientists, this fuel and five other life-sustaining ingredients form Extrait de Vie™, a powerful concentrate that provides the skin with virtually everything it needs to thrive. This exceptional skin reviving cream indulges your senses while it pampers your skin with instant softness and visible radiance. Your skin appears re-invigorated, visibly smoother, firmer and more even-toned.

Here's the thing: this moisturizer is insanely priced. At $240 for the small size (1.7 oz), and 400 bucks for 3.4 ounces, it better sound like something out of the movie James Bond and the Secret of Life. The packaging enhances this concept too, with its unnecessarily complicated spherical container abstractly evoking some kind of high-tech radioactive nuclear battery.

I actually received a good-sized sample of this product with my last Lancôme purchase. It's a very, very nice moisturizer. But not 240 bucks worth of nice!


  1. So you're not tagging it with "Wishlist"? ;)

  2. hahha, NO. I'd rather spend that money on something rent! :0