Friday, November 13, 2009

Merry Christmas

Yes, Christmas has come early for those of us who love watching weird, uncomfortable moments on TV because, as Guy pointed out, Carrie Prejean is the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only is she a little crazy--and clearly a huge bitch--but she is also truly, deeply dumb. She actually makes Sarah Palin look smart, which is a little scary. The only celebrity I can think of who is dumber is Britney Spears, because poor Britney is literally dumber than a sack of rocks. But at least Brits is sweet. Carrie lacks Britney's I'm-dumb-but-sweet charm.

I find this clip interesting because Carrie is too bone stupid to think of anything to say but, "Larry, you are being inappropriate" and no matter how many different ways Larry explains why his question is actually reasonable, she can't vary from the script. All she can do is nod at him condescendingly and repeat that he is being inappropriate, again and again, in exactly the same words, like a malfunctioning femme-bot. And then she strangely "storms off," sort of, except that she apparently has nowhere to storm off to, so she just sits with her mic off, smiling angrily. It is truly enjoyable television.


  1. I just sent you a video from youtube that I wasn't able to paste into your blog for some reason. It's a guy defending Carrie Prejean while lounging on a little girl's bed. Weird.

  2. Oh I watched it--what a weirdo!