Monday, November 16, 2009

Weird Freaky Guy Defends Carrie Prejean

Regular Beebo reader Stephanie alerted me to this strange YouTube video of some mustachioed redneck defending our girl Carrie. He does make some cogent points, such as characterizing Larry King as a "creepy, old, disgusting person" which...okay. I agree that Larry can be a bit creepy. I remember when he was interviewing Joey "Fat One" Fatone about Dancing with the Stars, along with Joey's dancing instructor, the Australian blonde with the obviously fake boobs and fake tan. Larry was totally ogling her, and asking Joey a bit too repeatedly "Don't you find her attractive?" and poor Joey Fatone kept saying, "Well, Larry, I'm happily married, so no, I didn't think about that" and Larry kept insisting, "But look at her! Look at her!" which I'm sure Shawn King watching at home was really happy about.

So this weird guy does have a point, about that at least. But I think the argument that conservative women get criticized more than liberal women is funny because...Hillary Clinton, anyone?? No female public figure has ever gotten kicked around more than Hillary!

Note: I guess there's a chance this is a parody..? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

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