Sunday, December 20, 2009


Guy has been requesting a babka every Christmas for the past 3 years, so today I finally made good on my promise to make him one. It pretty much took all day, although most of that time is just spent waiting for dough to rise. It's cooling right now--hopefully, it will taste good.

It's from a recipe that was published in the New York Times in 2007. It contains apricot jam and chocolate--I forgot to take a photograph of the chocolate step, which happened right before I rolled the babka.


  1. Munch. Gulp. Hmmmm ....

    Thanks. Your photos are so pretty, your description is so scrumptious. It was almost like I could slice off a piece for me ;-D

    Eh but I'll have chocolate chip cookies and sweet potato pie in graham cracker crust. And maybe cinnamon buns ... so I'll put away my hankie for all the good grub I will NOT get.

    Calories gained during the holidays should not count. They really shouldn't LOL.

  2. Thanks! I was kind of disappointed with how it turned out, actually. It sort of caved in after I took those photos! Oh well, it was my first attempt, maybe the next ones will be better.

    I'm definitely waiting until AFTER christmas to diet. :)