Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Christmas

I've been really into this song lately. I've been listening to the Cheetah Girls version, but this original Wham! video is pretty awesome. Things I love about this video:

1. George Michael's impressively luxurious highlighted mullet.
2. George Michael exhanging smoldering looks with the dowdy brunette woman rocking her eighties curly bob.
3. The fact that you know those sexy glances are really meant for Andrew Ridgeley.


  1. Hold on a second here--George and curly brown bob used to be a couple, and now his friend brings her as his date to their annual Christmas ski trip?

    And also, how is it that all of these young adults are so blissfully unattached on Christmas? They all just have a boyfriend-girlfriend ski holiday? No family obligations?

  2. Oh, yeah! I didn't think of that. They should have made an alternate video where George Michael is visiting his mom, and it's a really dreary house, and his alcoholic brother is there and ruins it for everybody.

    I enjoyed the horrible 80s clothes. Those long coats--ugh.

    Did you notice the guy who walks in carrying wood? He is smirking for some reason. That part made me laugh.