Sunday, December 13, 2009


Returning to our neighborhood after an afternoon of very successful Christmas shopping, Guy and I spotted an exciting celebrity--Santa! Or, about 20 Santas, to be exact. They were drinking at 2 of our neighborhood bars. There were tall Santas and short Santas, slutty girl Santas and skinny Santas, classic fat Santas, and even a Santa in a wheelchair. It was very festive.

Since we can see both bars from our kitchen window, Guy took these photos. One of the bars (the Elite) is a gay bar, but I don't think all the Santas were gay, just bar-hopping.

After some searching online, I found their website:

What is Santacon?
For those new Santas, what you need to know is this. Santa can't do what Santa needs to do the night of Dec. 24th without some recon work. So Santa checks out who's been naughty in cities all over the world in the month of December... and sometimes in July. So we suit up and go on a merry adventure drinking as much as we can and spreading jolly cheer. All you need is a pair of good walking shoes, a Santa outfit and the location of where and when to show up and you're good to go!

Basically its about the funnest thing you could possibly do with your time so don't even think about not showing up.

Conventions of Santacon:
- Follow Santa
- No Santa Left Behind! Keep track of your Santa friends.
- Don't wash the suit! Your Disgusting Santa suit is a badge of honor.
- Wear it proudly.
- Bars can be crowded. Its best to carry a backup plan (and a flask!)
- Follow Santa

What are the answers to these stupid questions?
Q: Who are you?

Q: Where are you from?
A: North of here a bit...
A: The North Pole!

Q: Why are you dressed like that?
A: Red and White is the new Black and Denim
A: To spread the good word of Santa & Socialism

Q: What are you doing here?
A: Mrs. Claus kicked me out.
A: You're not my mother!
A: Looking for some hot elf action.
A: What are YOU doing here?
A: My sleigh broke down.
A: Trying to steal change from Unicef DING DING DING!

Santa's Little Workshop:
Santacon is a great time for Santa to try out new toys, so whether you've got Naughty and Nice Stickers, Spray Snow, Naughty Cristmas Carols, Stuffed Animal flasks, GIANT candy canes, A Beer hat with candy cane striped straws, New Santa outfits... Santacon is the place to try all that stuff out. Santa loves creativity. If you don't do any of that... don't worry you can always drink.

Elysian Brewing Company @ Capitol Hill, 1221 E Pike St., Seattle. Remember... Santa is on the move usually within 30-45 minutes of the starting location, so show up early or on-time to be sure not to lose Santa.


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