Monday, December 21, 2009

The Bibbi-Babka Ditty

Now I realize where I went wrong. If I'd just known about the Bibbi-Babka ditty when I was making my babkas, I'm sure they would have turned out perfectly.


  1. You never reported on the babkas after baking them, as far as I can recall. Are you implying they did turn out as hoped?

  2. No, they didn't! I mean, they were okaaaay--Guy claims to like them. I am kind of mad at the NYT recipe because I assumed they'd print a good one, but in retrospect, I don't think it was a great recipe. I didn't really like the apricot. Next time, I'll just use chocolate but no jam.

    I took those photos of them RIGHT when I took them out of the oven...but a few minutes later, they SUNK!