Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nicole Kidman's Make-Up Artist Hates Her

From Just Jared:

"At Tuesday’s red carpet premiere for Nine held at NYC’s Ziegfeld theater, the 42-year-old Aussie actress was spotted with white powder all over her nose and under her right eye."

Wow! It's fairly unusual to see such a huge make-up mistake on an A-list celebrity. Nic must have been furious. The tragic part is, her face here is actually beautiful and almost flawless....except for that crucial last step of blending the powder.

My theory: Nic was being a big bitch to her make-up artist who retaliated by conveniently "forgetting" the last step of the application. I imagine it went something like this:

Nicole [jumping out of the chair, heading for the door]: God! That took forever! When I asked for the 'natural' look, I didn't expect it to take 10 hours!

Make-up artist: Hold on a second...Miss Kidman?

Nicole [whirling around angrily]: What do you want now?

Make-up artist: On second thought, you know what? Nothing. You look great. Knock 'em dead.

Thanks to Guy for the tip!


  1. Ooopppsss! I agree with Foulard about your dramatization. Liked it and could *see* it unfold like that, LOL.

  2. Actually, she's wearing Make Up Forever HD Powder. A lot of HD powder act this way - In real life it looks flawless but in a camera flash it looks like... well, like this.

    Very strange that an A-list celebrity make-up artist would make a mistake like that...