Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fax from the North Pole

We get these junk faxes at work every now and then; they're from some company trying to sell cruises. They take great pains to try to make them look like "official" missives from the "Corporate Travel Department."

This one helpfully informs the reader that "Our Corporate Travel Department has asked if you would distribute this memo freely to all employees." I guess they are hoping that some feeble-minded secretary will receive it and, fearing the nebulous authority of the fictional Corporate Travel Department, copy and distribute their flyer on our own dime.

What makes this one a little special, though, is that they have tailored it for the Christmas season. The "snowy" lettering informs the recipient that this cruise "CAN BE USED AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT!"

I like the awkward phrasing of that sentence. If you think about it, pretty much anything can be "used" as a Christmas gift, but I appreciate the way they attempted to make that idea seem very novel and exciting.


  1. LOL! I recall getting those flyer-faxes years ago. One of my bosses used to fuss about the waste of paper and ink that those faxes caused. No one ever considered actually using those agencies. I used to wonder if they ever paid attention to their returns for those flyers. Or if they continued to send them out of spite, LOL.

  2. It IS pretty obnoxious the way they use other people's ink and paper for their ads. I can't imagine that they get any business that way...but who knows??!