Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Very Winehouse Christmas

Just because she's Jewish doesn't mean she can't celebrate Christmas, and being Amy, of course she would completely overdo it, buying all kinds of crazy animatronic Santas and reindeers and crap like that. I love it! And apparently she's caught "vampire fever" as well.

My only concern is her plan to throw "the mother of all New Year's Eve parties." That sounds like a recipe for disaster as far as Amy is concerned. The last time she threw a huge New Year's Eve party, she ended up in rehab. Have fun...but not too much fun, Amy!:

AMY Winehouse wants to wave goodbye to 2009 in spectacular style. Our favourite jazz diva is planning a festive celebration to end all festive celebrations.

The one-time Camden caner blew £18,000 on Christmas decorations during a six-hour shopping spree in London’s Selfridges.

A well-placed spy told us: “Amy was on a mission to get as much seasonal stuff as physically possible.

“She ended up blowing nearly 20 grand on musical lights, dancing Santas and moving reindeers. She even paid for it all to be installed in her house after experts told her she could seriously hurt herself if she wired it all up wrong. Amy walked around the store for six hours going up and down the five floors about four times each.

“She was in the shop so long she had to stop to buy lunch and dinner. The only thing she didn’t buy was a Christmas tree.”

Not only does the 26-year-old songbird plan to turn her north London home into a full-on Christmas grotto, she’s also gearing up to throw the mother of all New Year’s Eve parties. The fun-loving night owl is the latest celeb to go vampire crazy after watching Twilight flick New Moon and has fallen in love with lead vamp Robert Pattinson, 23.

A close friend told Goss: “Amy thinks Robert is cool and loves the sexuality around vampires. She’s planning on having a huge blood and guts vampire party on New Year’s Eve at her house.”

After getting engaged again to ex-hubby Blake Fielder-Civil, 27, we expect he’ll make a bloodcurdling appearance.

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  1. She might end up becoming one of the Undead if she doesn't take it easy at her vampire par-tay...